How to Remodel a Home to Make It Feel More Like Yours

How to Remodel a Home to Make It Feel More Like Yours

The question of how to make a new space feel like home is probably the first thing that does come to mind when you start remodeling your home. While a few changes can make it feel like home, many will end up doing more damage than good. However, if you want to make a room feel like it is truly your own, then you should get very careful when making any changes.

Manglam Group has come up with some tips for all the residents who’re willing to remodel their homes to refresh the vibes all around.

Let’s check them out:

Go Gradually
When you are planning on making changes in your home, it is important to make sure that you do so gradually. Do not make drastic changes unless you have a plan in place to make them work. In most cases, this can be found in a written set of instructions. By being able to see a written plan before you make any changes, you can make sure that everything that needs to be changed or added fits within the plan.

Take Your Time
When you start remodeling your home, be sure that you take your time. If you make drastic changes right away, it can really throw everything off and make the entire process seem like it is going to take forever. The same goes for when you add in new furniture. Make sure that you sit down with your remodeling contractor to discuss what you want before you spend any money.

Limit the Changes
Be sure that you do not make too many changes at once. If you start by installing new furniture, then you will need to make sure that it matches up with the rest of your space. If you choose furniture that is out of place with your house, then it will detract from its appearance and will leave an unfinished impression on anyone that visits your house. It is best to plan carefully before you start any remodeling projects.

Find a Pro
When making any changes, including how to make a new space feel like home, it is important that you find a professional that you can trust. A professional will be able to make certain changes that you would not normally make yourself, such as how to make a new room feel like home without causing any major damage to your current home.

By following these given steps, you will get able to create a new space that feels like home. Your space at Manglam Group of Homes will look more like your own, and it will also be safe and sound.

Manglam Aroma

I Became My Father’s Best Friend Again – Manglam Aroma Customer Review

Going through the course of my life, I have seen relationships changing constantly; some grew stronger and some weaker. But one of the most precious relations and bonds that I share with my father changed unexpectedly. My father has been my source of energy since childhood, but as time passed by, I got unable to give him enough time. I thought it was because of work, but it wasn’t just working but many other factors, such as ambiance and boredom. My wife was noticing everything, and she suggested to me a need to change the place where we live.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByigXm_OIiA” width=”640″ height=”1600″ title=”Manglam Aroma At Ptrakar colony Mansarovar Jaipur”]

I agreed with her, and now we make the happiest family than ever before. I am Rajendra, and with my wife’s suggestion, we decided to get shifted to Manglam’s Aroma. It is a piece of wonder about how changing our home can strengthen the bond between my father and me and keep him happy. It actually happened due to the ambiance of the society maintained by Manglam Group. After some time, when we shifted to our new home, I decided on the change in all of our family members.

Not just our kids were happier than ever before, but my wife and father too. Due to the freshness and newness all around, I started feeling better and got out of the monotony of life. I began to invest more time with my father. Also, my father found many of his like-aged buddies and began to go on walks with them. We were all adoring these changes, as we were also feeling positive changes in our health as well. After joining various ongoing activities and clubs within the society, we became active participants, began to take care of ourselves better.

This way, Manglam Aroma gifted us something which turned out to be more than just home. My kids started to focus more on studies because of the fact that abacus and other activities going on in society to let kids groom their skills.

My wife, too, found a friendly group, and due to people having her back when she needed and wanted to share something, she appeared to be more lively in the home than she was ever before. This way, all of us found ourselves in our new abode and were appreciating the positive changes through all Our hearts. Now I can say this is my home, and here I grow and groom with my family every second.

Spacious Flats in Jaipur

2 BHK 3 BHK 4 BHK Spacious Flats in Jaipur By ManglamGroup

Have you ever come across an idea of how it feels to live at a place where you don’t need to go out for fresh air, where you never crave for a luxury vacation as you have it all under access? If yes, then Flats in Jaipur developed by Manglam Group is an absolute answer for you. As Like Manglam Radiance . This place isn’t only about ventilated spacious apartments but also the location and a perfect meld of comfort, bright daylight and peaceful moonlight. My life hasn’t been this much enlightened before. Now, I cling to every moment I spend here with my family and friends, and want to share how it positively changed my state of mind.

Its been long since we’ve shifted here, and made it our home, and now we cannot think of living anywhere else. If anyone seeks for how dream homes use to be, this is the place to see. The revolutionary design of the homes here wins hearts at a single glance only. Not only the long-stretched glass doors, but also the greenery all around give utmost level comfort. To take a deep into solace and peace, we go to have a swim-chat on weekends with our family and friends, and spend some quality time together.
[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dm9aAKTVGqg” width=”640″ height=”1600″ title=”Manglam Tarang At Muhana Mandi Road Mansarovar Jaipur”]
In the open space to sit and relax, we unleash ourselves, and talk our hearts out, which gives us an escape from the monotone of busy lives. Due to it being in close vicinity of well-known hospitals and posh area, this place is a sacred paradise found in the hotchpotch of bustling lives. Even though its situated amid the city area, still the peace and silence it maintains, is worthy to be praised. Be it kids, mid-aged people or elderlies, these apartments have soul for all, and it’s a perfectly suitable abode for all.

The best part about the same is that it offers 3-BHK for small families, and 4 & 5-BHK’s for comparatively bigger families. The ones craving for a change to their place of living and willing to try something where they can actually recharge themselves, then Manglam Radiance is something to be opted for.
The definition of luxury &; comfort has been redefined by Manglam Group, and whether you live with family or alone, this place is perfect as home due to the sense of security and fullness it offers in its residents.

Manglam Tarang

Our New Home Manglam Tarang Promised Security To My Insecure Heart

We as parents have always been worried about our daughter, and due to the busy schedules me and my wife follow, we have always been thinking of our daughter’s safety. But the luckiest was the day when one of my friends told me about Manglam Tarang and its multifaceted apartment services. We visited the apartments, and soon became a part of them. And now, our daughter loves her new home, and she’s always excited to play with her friends and spend time with them. Due to being involved in a variety of projects and activities within the society, now our daughter is performing better in school as well.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_QN6kp2PeU” width=”640″ height=”1600″ title=”Manglam Tarang At Muhana Mandi Road Mansarovar Jaipur”]

Not to forget the homely surroundings, we have with all the friendly neighbors who are more than willing to help us in the time of need. Manglam Group has offered us truly a heavenly abode! The best part here is that we do not have to worry about our childs safety while working, as best safety measures are followed here. Also, we do not have to find a special and appropriate place to let our daughter socialize as they have all those facilities in here. Even during the holidays, we didn’t need to think for a second to let our daughter productively indulge in some activity because the extra-curricular activities and lots of creative projects within the society kept her engaged.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kce93hNi9Fg” width=”640″ height=”1600″ title=”Manglam Tarang At Muhana Mandi Road Mansarovar Jaipur”]

Such an ambiance not only helped her learn new things naturally, but also helped her in making so many friends in here. This place is truly a blessing for us because it’s allowing our child to grow in all the facts of life while learning the necessary values which would help her become a better human being. We also feel more free than before, and when we get free from work, we relax in our balcony while having steaming cup of tea together. We often discuss about how by changing a place where we Live, we can completely change our way of living. We are more than happy to say that there cannot be a better home to be than Manglam’s Tarang, and the way it’s allowing us to connect with each other is beyond comparison, and we cannot thank our friend enough who suggested us to live here!

Manglam Aananda gym
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Amenities in Manglam’s Aananda Phase 2 Mansarovar Extension Jaipur

Here are luxurious Amenities presented in Manglam’s Aananda Phase 2 at Mansarovar Extension Jaipur

All my life, I have been an extreme foodie which eventually led me to be equally unfit as well. I got married and my partner used to constantly motivate me to remain fit and reduce some weight, but my love for junk couldn’t get reduced. After a year, while going through the course of our lives, we decided to get shifted to Manglam’ Aananda and this new place didn’t just change our surroundings but our ways of being too. And, now am a proud and fit resident in here, who embraces health over anything. See how it happened!!

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cGF4pwsYpk” width=”640″ height=”1600″ title=”Manglam Aananda Mansarovar Ext Jaipur”]

Before shifting here, I joined several gyms, and I used to be regular in the beginning days, but when it came about making it a routine, I struggled a lot. I couldn’t manage the ‘staying fit’ thing due to burden of work. I used to leave home early and come late, and to give that slight chunk of time to my family, I stopped giving importance to my health. But, in Manglams Aananda there is an in-house gym, i.e., full-facilitated. And the plus point is that it is near to my workplace too. I save a lot of time while traveling, and can workout anytime as per my routine. Here, our lives got centered to real-time networking rather than social media networking, and I am able to connect with society members while working out and give time to my family while having a walk together. This way, our new home gave me a winning toss over life and in about 6 months, I find myself comparatively fit and reduced significant weight as well.

Approx. 700 families live in here, and they all have become close to us. To maintain communicating and active aura here, society members keep on arranging health programs and marathons in order to stay fit together. This place has helped me a lot, when it comes to adapting to a habit to stay fit. I exercise, run, walk eat, and repeat, and its all for good.
And, if anytime, I avoid my routine, my neighbors come up with a competition in front of me like who walks 10kms first, or who does 20 pushups first. This way, we motivate each other, and the fitness spirit, not only keeps us fit, but also get transferred from one to another. This way, my new home has changed everything for good, and I am willing to embrace it for a lifetime.

Rangoli Greens reviews

Living at Manglam Radiance Resident Review | Manglam Radiance

Shifted to ‘Rangoli Greens’ was a right decision; I can say it proudly now. I am immensely attached to my Dadaji and when we decided to move in to ‘Manglam Radiance,’ we were very excited, but deep down nervous as well. But, the ambiance of the new home faded all the blues from our hearts.

Now, Dadaji has many pastime friends except me and his health is improving for good. He goes for a walk everyday with his like-minded & same-aged friends. And, due to an easy access to fresh air, greenery and other amenities, Dadaji now looks the healthiest he has ever been since long.

So, for me, the goodness of ‘Rangoli Greens’ gets defined by the brightened-up mornings and cozy evenings I spend here with my Dadaji.

Manglam Radiance apartments give utmost importance to senior citizens and is the perfect place for elderlies. Finally, we are satisfied that we’re able to give him all the care, love and facilities that he once provided us with.

Now he has access to on-call doctors, physiotherapy at our residence, open spaces for fresh air and a lot of other facilities which has made his life better.

He is now happier as he has made a lot of friends of his own who encourage him to stay physically active and accompany him for walks during his free hours. The rooms receive fresh air from the balcony and on-call maintenance services locate bloom to the amenities. Manglam Radiance has proven to be a home of our dreams, and seeing my parents and Dadaji joyous, fills my heart with extreme happiness. The comfy and all-familiar environment of this
society made us frequently get adapted to it.

Specifically, during the COVID-19 disruption, we were extremely worried for Dadaji’s health, but the precautions taken into consideration by the society made us feel soothed again. None can enter the society premises until being sanitized, and these are the safety measures taken by Manglam Radiance and members that we all are safe from the intense exposure of the virus.

This new home of ours hasn’t only made our lives easier, but also gave us countless cherishing moments, and loving memories, that we’re still counting on

Journey of witnessing my son from being silent to becoming a chatter box

Journey of Witnessing My Son From Being Silent To Becoming A Chatter Box

I am a proud mother of a son who’s now turned into the society’s secret keeper, and more proud resident of Manglam Radiance. I had never seen my son communicating and mingling up with people of all age groups so effectively before we shifted to Mangalam Group’s Residence. He not only talks to kids of his age but is now up for sharing anything coming from anyone. He has become so welcoming that everyone is society loves him. And the credit of this all goes to Manglam Radiance for giving us such a comforting atmosphere where we not only feel home, but consider all the residents as members of our family.

My son is now able to invest his time productively while socializing with others, and enjoying swimming pool, spacious lawns, the learning hub, and play area etc.

Let’s see how we got on the roller-coaster of happiness and satisfaction after getting shifted to Manglam Radiance!

Before we were here, my life remained centered around my son only, and I wasn’t able to pick time for myself. But here, we experienced never-like-before warmth, not only from the place, but also from people of the society who’re extremely caring, and always willing to help.

Here, I saw my child grooming like never before, and he is now able to socialize and play all around without having me being worried for his whereabouts. Due to the security cameras, and friendly society keeping a watch on kids, and their play areas, parents at Manglam Radiance are blessed as they can focus better on other chores.

The indoor games sections, kids play area, outdoor water bodies landscaping, and badminton court are more than enough for kids to keep them occupied within the society compounds.

Due to all the amenities being within the society, this place is completely secured from the COVID-19 disruption, due to the minimized chances of getting infected. Also there is a mini theatre, which proved to be the greatest weapon during the COVID-19 outbreak. Due to schools being closed for long, it was getting difficult to make children stop from going out. So all the parents in the society decided to play animated or kids’ films on every Sunday in the mini theatre, and it actually worked. They remain entertained and wait for the upcoming Sundays.

This way, Manglam Group has proven to be a bliss for me, in my happy as well as sad times. it gave me a chance to live to fullest with my family.

I cherish every moment I spend here, because it remains filled with eternal love and care!

Manglam Aananda Reviews

My Home Where All the Walls Have Stories to Tell – Manglam Aananda

It is true that “Home is where the heart is” and living in Manglam’s Ananda has not been just about living in apartments and sharing walls, but its about making memories, and experiencing a sense of comfort and security. Manglam Group allowed my family to taste luxury, elegance, and simplicity altogether. While we enjoy watching TV together on our comfy couches, we also love to go on healthful walks amidst lush greens within the society. For me, our home is synonymous to love, comfort, security, care and good health.

This is a place where I will peacefully grow old because the other concerns are being taken care of by Manglam Group. Let’s see how Manglam Ananda has done justice to its name by filling our lives with joy.

Before I came here, I have never thought of such a homely feeling one could get while living in a society. The club house meetings and friendly tea discussions won me over and allowed me to bond with not just the place but the people around me.

My definition of setting a routine changed completely when I began to make the best use of amenities like Gymnasium, Spa, Steam, Sauna, and Jacuzzi. In-house activities, such as swimming pool, basketball, tennis court, and squash court enlivened my sporty-soul, and encouraged me and my family to stay fit. Other than these, the in-society library turned out to be my go-to and favorite place.

Manglam Ananda is a perfect meld of luxury and nature. The walks around pathways amongst beauteous flowers have never grown old. Especially, when it rains, the society looks like magic, and all the society members gather in the club house to enjoy tea and pakoras together. These are only some of the moments to be shared, but others are more to be felt than told.

Its been only half of the year since I am living here with my family, but this place already has all my heart and soul. I cannot imagine a better place to live in. The sense of security and contentment Manglam Group has given me truly matches with my idea of an ideal home.


How COVID-19 Pandemic is an opportunity in disguise for Indian Business sector

“Since lockdown has been imposed, working from home and staying positive towards this situation is constantly debated. It is also necessary to explore hidden opportunities and bring out optimism in and around us”- Nitesh Agarwal
As per work from home scenario, it is possible for a lot of employees to not visit the office and still be productive.In RBL corporate office, it is found that it is enough that only 30% of staff stay in the office. Others can be connected from homes. This leads to lesser commute expenses, the stress of the commute, time wasted, etc. Even, parents can take care of children more effectively when WFH. There can be dark hours when no calls will be made, and certain guidelines can be designed to execute WFH effectively.

As per a McKinsey survey of entrepreneurs released a few days ago, 53% of Indian entrepreneurs are optimistic, while only 25% of Japanese entrepreneurs are optimistic.It seems to be a mild U-curve for the Indian economy. But the descent has not stopped yet.

A general outlook shows that India seems to have suppressed the curve so far. It looks like it might escape the worst of the pandemic, but will have to be cautious about it.Possibility of W Curve – i.e. there is a good chance of re-occurrence of the virus, which could see a possibility of regular lockdowns. Businesses need to plan accordingly.Capital will look for less battered countries. Western economies are badly battered while countries like India, Indonesia, etc are not so battered. Global Capital could flow into India if we can act efficiently to pull it.Emotional and Economic backlash against China is expected. Already, countries and companies are working on a strategy to pivot away from China as part of their supply chains. Japan Govt has announced packages for its companies bringing back manufacturing home. Businesses need to keep this in mind and work accordingly.

sanjay Gupta Manglam Group

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic On MSMEs

“The consumer behaviour and preference will turn upside down. COVID-19 will lead to significant changes in the future, thus, the way of doing business should be change with the evolving environment”Sanjay Gupta

Large companies are majorly facing multiple hindrances in dealing with its stakeholders. Companies are paying the employees even when closed. HUL Decided not to cut a single rupee for their suppliers, service providers, etc. No haircuts. Moreover, the safety of employees and customers is becoming a major point of focus. This is possible because they have reserves of funds, etc that have been built up over the years.

But talking about medium and small businesses, they have to work with thin capital reserves. Excess capital is taken out of the business and applied to personal assets.Small businesses take out the surplus and purchase personal assets instead of re-investing in the business. There are various factors and motivations here.Because of this, they are unable to meet the cash expenses of even the next month.Therefore, Medium and Small businesses need to have a look at how they can build some business reserves to endure such disruptions.

Cinemas could take a big hit in the near future. Entertainment could move home. Consequently, cafes and restaurants might see some increase in business. Many chains are implementing measures like social distancing like lesser furniture, etc, to build confidence to consumers. Similarly, smaller retailers need to send a message of safety. For instance: Have sanitizers, put up a notice of no – COVID positive employee found in the store, maintain social distancing, etc.Since travel and tourism will take a big hit, connected purchases will also shift. Purchases that happened abroad will happen at home. (for example Electronics, Luxury goods, and apparel, etc.,). But travel-related purchases will drop.

For individuals, health and safety will become No.1 on their agenda from the 3rd of 4th place. There will be more spending on this area and a reduction in another discretionary spending.The ticket size of spending will drop for a while. People will spend on cheaper goods than on expensive goods, or delay spending for a while. There will be Extreme acceleration in the digital economy. I.e. Home education, home entertainment, home fitness, etc. Loyalty shock can be seen among people as they will be less loyal towards brands as other aspects will take over. People will switch brands faster due to various other concerns like safety, etc. furthermore, there will be a trust deficit among stakeholders like vendors, customers, employees, borrowers, banks, etc. Banks will have a trust deficit with borrowers, companies will have a trust deficit with suppliers, etc.


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