Steps for buying a property!

Many people want to own property.

The investment and construction of dream homes are two of the reasons behind the procurement of land. Buying a property requires a lot of time and you need to follow a step-by-step guide. Manglam Airport City offers distinct sizes plots in Jaipur and chooses the right one for an investment or the construction of your dream home.

Following are the steps that can help you for buying a property:

  • Research the property and decide your budget: The first important step is to assess the budget. You should be aware of your budget that how much you want to invest in a property with the amount you will going to pay for the downpayment. With this, research the area where you want to purchase a property. This research helps you to choose the right location with future benefits.
  • Check for loan approval: Once you finalize the property, your next step is to go for the loan approval. Check your CIBIL score that how much loan you can avail of on the dream property. This step ensures either you are eligible for the loan or not.
  • Coordinate the paperwork: Once your loan is finalized, you can now proceed with the paperwork. The paperwork will include all legal documents like a real owner of the land, JDA approved or not, etc.
  • Close the sale: Once you finalize the property, the last step is closing the sale. At this stage, you will be signed all the legal and mandatory documents. The ownership of land is shifted to you. The sale is close now!

The best plots in Jaipur offers by the Manglam Airport City. The plots are available in different sizes with approval from HDFC bank. So, when you are purchasing your dream property, you should adhere to these important steps. Manglam Airport City helps you to choose the right property in Jaipur to construct a dream home.


Investing in property: Dream Come True

A dream property makes you happy where you and your family can enjoy, happy and secure lives& moments.

Dreams do come true – dream property become reality for many people. Investing in a property initiates your first step towards your dream property. The plots in Jaipur by Manglam Airport City offer an investment opportunity. People are investing in plots to fulfill their dream of home. Investing in a property for a middle-class person is a dream and you should know how to invest in a property. It is not an easy thing as many people do fraudulent activities. Choose your developer wisely and then do investment.

Following are some aspects that you should consider before investing in a property:

  • Research for your dream property: If you want to make your dream come true, then you should research for the right property first. Before the research process, certain aspects need to follow:
    • Make your budget
    • Choose the location
    • Type of property
  • Check the valuation: Once you select the property, your next step is to check the valuation of a property. Along with valuation, do a background check of a property and the developer. It helps you to choose the right property and is worth your investment as well. Inspect the documents of the property, met with owners. All these things are important while purchasing your dream property.
  • Check your credit score: Purchasing a dream property is not an easy task. When you are purchasing a property, you should apply for a loan. If you don’t have an appropriate CIBIL Score or credit score, then it creates a hurdle for you.

While purchasing a plot in Jaipur, you should align your dream with these aspects. These factors will contribute to the investment of the right property at right time. Airport City offers various plots of different sizes to you and you can choose the right one as per convenience and size.


Rent or buy a property: Which suits your lifestyle


Choosing between Rent or purchase a property is a tricky question.

Many people are in dilemmas to purchase a property or just remain live in a rented property. The final decision will impact your lifestyle. While you are purchasing a property, then you can do various things with it like construction of a house, resale it after 2 or 5 years, donate it, etc. On the other hand, when you are renting a property, you are not eligible to do any construction on it. Moreover, you need to left it when the land owner wants to. The additional aspect of rent is predictable monthly expenses. Hence, you know the difference between Rent and Buying a property. Many people think that buying a property or investing in a property is better than renting a property.

Thus, the best property in Jaipur offers you distinct sizes plots in Jaipur to purchase your dream property.

Which suits you best?

It is hard for a person to purchase land so quickly. The step is lengthy as you need to undergo deep research of the property, choose the right one, apply for a loan, checking the ownership, and others. The final decision depends on your personality, whether you are comfortable in a rented one or want to purchase the one. The final decision depends on your lifestyle. Some key considerations are:

  • A single person never tried to invest in a property and always prefer a rented one. As they are capable to bear rent rather than fixed installments of the loan. Hence, an unmarried person hardly purchases a property.
  • If you want to invest and want to become a millionaire in the future then do invest in property. This personality refers to a money mind of an individual who always thinks to multiply the money.

The best property in Jaipur offers by Airport City by Manglam. It is a great investment opportunity for people because you will get land whose value will increase in the coming few years.

Factors that enhance your property value!

Factors that enhance your property value!

The first property is always a dream!

Thus, while purchasing your first property, you should consider some factors that impacts your property value. Factors like location, amenities, real estate competition are some factors that can affect the value of a property. When you are investing in a plot in Jaipur, you should anticipate such factors that can influence the value of your property. Below is a brief description of each factor that drive your property value up and down.

Make a wise decision before investment!

  • Location: The first factor that affects the value of your property is the location. If your property is located near to the city, schools, restaurants, supermarkets, then its value will increase. The popular and accessible location gives more value to the property.
  • Amenities: When you are investing in a property, you should check some basic facilities. It includes the availability of water, electricity, safety, and security of property, etc. The more the amenities, the more the value of the property.
  • Real Estate Competition: The increasing demand of land creates intense competition among real estate companies. This cut-throat competition also influences the value of your property. Like, the same size land near your property is sold out at a low price, then your property value will decrease.
  • Age & Condition of property: The age of land also decides the value of a property. People are more interested to purchase newer properties than older ones. Moreover, some are interested to invest in old properties but it depends on the condition and structure.

The best property in Jaipur offers you a chance to become the owner of your property. Airport City offers distinct plots of different sizes and maintains its value among people. A proper sewage system, electricity, water, and gated community makes Airport City  a safe and best property for investment.

Overview of the project
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Overview of the project

Do you want to own a property? Do you want to live in a peaceful environment?

Airport City by Manglam offers a chance to live in a peaceful environment. The township is connected to Tonk Road, Padampura & Jaipur International Airport. If you are looking for a property in Jaipur, then you should go with Airport City by Manglam.

Following are the features of the Manglam Airport City:

  • Demarcated Plots
  • Wide Roads
  • Gated Community
  • Lush greenery with fresh air

What more do you need to know?

The project is developed by Manglam Build Developers Ltd. in March 2016. Different plots are available in various sizes like 125, 138, 152, 166, 200, 245, &303 sq. yd. The plots are available at different roads like 30 ft road, 60 ft. road, etc.

Along with the size of the plots at Manglam Airport City, another important thing you should know about the project is its “location”. The project is situated at 200’ road, near to the Ring Road. The location is 3.5 km from the famous Padampura Jain Temple. The property is approved by the HDFC bank for loan and you can pay the amount in 4 easy installments.

What makes the project best of all?

Everyone is looking for undefined benefits while purchasing a property. There are many plots &properties are available in Jaipur but Manglam Airport City is quite different from others. We are the best in the business from many years.

  • Airport City is a township with some other benefits. Many townships are not providing appropriate road& street lights. You will get street lights with proper roads in Airport City so that you can visit even at night.
  • Appropriate demarcation of land to eradicate the chances of trespassing. Your property is safe and secure at Airport City with gated premises.

These things have made Airport City the best township to live.

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Convert your land into a “Dream House”!

The biggest financial decision by Indians is purchasing a property or buying a home.

Investment in real estate is considered the best option for Indians. Real estate investment is for those who have a large cash inflow but some people invest in a property to build their dream home once. Homes are not built in a day and it is not simple brick-mortar work. Manglam Builders has launched a project where you can purchase a property in Jaipur. When you are converting your property in Jaipur into a “Dream House”, you can choose interior to exterior from your choice.

Here is a hassle-free guide to planning & building your dream house:

  • Design: When you want to build your dream home, you need to first figure out the design of your home. You have to choose the design of your house like how many floors you want to build, floor plan, what amenities you want to add, etc. All these things are important when you are converting your property into a dream home.
  • Budget: Once you finalised the design, the next task is deciding the budget. When you have limited resources, it is hard to include everything in your dream home. A budget is an important thing especially when you convert develop your dream house on your land.
  • Check the facilities: This factor is important when you’re purchasing a property in a township. Airport City is the best investment option for people living in Jaipur and outside Jaipur. Thus, before purchasing a property, you should check the facilities providing by the builder.

These are some general points that you should consider before developing a dream house. However, these are not limited and you can add many more to this list. The best property in Jaipur offers by Manglam as it is suited for investment. The Airport City is a vicinity with the top-notch aspects of the Jaipur like college, school, hospitals, airport, etc.

What should you keep in mind while making a home?
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What should you keep in mind while making a home?

Luxury home with multiple amenities, a lush green balcony garden – all these are dream elements for a home.

A perfect plan is needed while developing a dream home. When building a house, it is vital to plan all the important elements at the construction stage. Besides designing a house layout, you should ensure some important points like ventilation, Shilpa Shastra, natural light, etc. These things are important to consider before constructing your dream home. These points are possible either when you develop your house by own or purchase a developed home with these features. Manglam Builders offers you to build your dream home. Airport City is a perfect property in Jaipur for investment or for constructing a house.

Thus, when you will construct your dream home, these things are important to keep in mind:

  • Designing the layout: A home is a place of rest & relaxation. When you are developing a home, you should keep the design in mind. You have to decide the layout of rooms, dining, kitchen, and everything. Along with this, a complete floor plan, as well as furniture, keep in the mind.
  • Construction Material: Another important thing is checking the quality of the material. When you are developing your dream home, you have to check the material quality. It is important to evaluate the material first as you will make all your memories inside the house.
  • Budget: A set budget should be a part of the list. Fix a budget and divide it into details including the cost of construction, material, taxes, furniture, and even home décor. Besides your fixed budget, keep a sum aside for any contingency.

When you purchase a property in Jaipur, you need to keep design, material, and budget in mind. When you plan everything, it becomes easy for you to construct the home of your life. Get the best plots in Jaipur from Manglam Builders at Airport City.

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Why your children will love living in the gated community?

Childhood is the most important stage in a person’s life as it forms a foundation for personality building.

When you are giving a pleasant environment to your child, they will get a good experience. For a good experience, you should live in a gated community. A gated community offers an ideal environment for your child & supports physical & emotional well-being. A gated community offers you a wide-open space for your child to play and an opportunity to interact with other kids. Hence, it helps the children to develop better social skills. When you are purchasing a property in Jaipur, you need to choose the Airport City by Manglam, as it offers you to:

  • Build your dream home
  • Living in a gated community

Let’s discuss some points why children love to live in a gated community :

  • Safety & Security: Nothing is more important for parents than their child’s safety. If you are living in a gated community, children are completely safe as compared with the independent house. The gated community township provides some additional benefits as well like CCTV, intercom, surveillance, etc. Children will feel independent as they don’t have to face any boundaries.
  • Child-friendly amenities: Gated communities are focused on child-friendly amenities. There are multiple things available for the children in a township like a dedicated play area, indoor games room, clubhouse, and so other things. Hence, your children will keep engaged with these amenities. Moreover, kids will get the company of other children in the same community.

Living in a gated community helps your child to grow & develop. It is a safe place for you and your family. Airport city by Manglam is the best property in Jaipur for investment and your dream home. The reason behind choosing a gated community is unlimited amenities and independent life.

Things to remember while investing in a property!
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Things to remember while investing in a property!

The real estate in India contributes to the economic sector of India.

When you are investing in plot, you need to keep various factors in mind like legal formalities, rate per sq. ft, etc. The decision of investment in a plot is not an easy thing as you have to put a considerable amount of money. Investment in a land is less liquid and you need to do extensive research before purchasing a property in Jaipur. Manglam Airport city offers an investment opportunity so that you can build your dream home.

Following are some points to keep in mind while investing in a property:

  • The first important thing is to check the background of the property. This includes location of plot, the builder, and the legal documents of the land. Along with this, you need to check the possession date and time as well as the cost of the land as per JDA. This is the first and major step you should keep in mind before investing in a property in Jaipur.
  • You need to check your financial position first before any investment decision. Along with the financial background, you need to evaluate various loan proposals, rate of interest, etc. Review the investment loan plans and documents carefully before applying for the loan in any financial institute.
  • When it comes to real estate, people often plan to go for partnerships to deal with the financial stress, but first-time investors need to carefully consider many factors while choosing their partners. From legal advice to profile verification, it calls for many things to do before getting into a partnership agreement.

These are some important factors that you need to consider before any investment decision. The property in Jaipur is easy to purchase in a township like Manglam Airport city. The township gives you the benefit of a loan from HDFC Bank. Purchasing a property in Jaipur is no longer a tricky thing.

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Top places to invest in Jaipur

Jaipur is a preference for many people to invest especially in the land.

Jaipur is a sacred land and constitutes a mixture of contemporary and traditions of historical India. Jaipur is financially viable and appealing for people froman investment perspective. It hasan ethically wealthy culture and is a developed city. Plots in Jaipur arethe preferred location for people to invest and that is the reason, they are moving back to Jaipur.

Jaipur was the first planned city thatconstitutes special features like a smart city, old-world charm, and modern architecture. Many colonies in Jaipur are developing whereas on the other hand, maximum locations are easy to access with transportation facilities and modern civic amenities. Manglam Airport City is located near Padampura Jain Temple and just 2 KM away from Tonk Road. The major areas to invest in Jaipur are as follows:

  • Tonk Road :

    One of the most developed areas is Tonk Road and it has also earned a tag of one of the posh areas of the city. It’s just 2 km away from Manglam Airport City as well as connectsyou with various prime locations of Jaipur. Moreover, famous hospitals, schools, and colleges are located in the nearby areas.

  • Mahindra SEZ:

    Investment in Mahindra SEZ is always a good option. It’s a special economic zone developed by the Mahindra and the state of Rajasthan. Many companies are located in Mahindra SEZ that connects it with the main city.

  • Ajmer Road:

    Ajmer Road is the area that will undergo rapid expansion. It’s a six-lane expressway and witnesses the Industrial Corridor between Delhi – Mumbai. Ajmer Road is also the best option from investment point of view as a number of real estate projects are ongoing by different real estate groups.

Manglam Airport City is situated near Shivdaspura, Padampura Road, Tonk Road, Jaipur, and convenient from every prime location. From Tonk Roadit’s just 2 km away&it is near to Ring Road. Manglam Airport City project is a gated community that not only provides you township facility but ensures complete safety and security.


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