Unique experiences only the people living in Villas can have!
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Unique experiences only the people living in Villas can have!

Spacious and big size Villa –

Many people are dreaming about it. Spacious living is the ultimate desire of people. Villa gives you the luxury experience& spacious living at your dream home. Manglam Anantara gives you a unique experience that can be felt by people in Villa!

  • Space :When you are living in a luxury villa, you will get a spacious place to live. There is no need to adjust andyou also don’t need to worry about the space to put the things and invite people to stay. In modern living, people want separate rooms for their children, a study room, and a guest room.The 4 BHK villas in Jaipur Manglam Anantara are designed with ShilpaShastraand spacious living formula. You will have a duplex with a terrace to live a king life.
  • Privacy : It is the most prominent advantage to live in a Villa. You have your personal space and enjoy your freedom. You have your private balcony, terrace and other exterior amenities.
  • Neighborhood : Villas give you a luxurious lifestyle with a great neighborhood place. You will be met with like-minded people and people from similar walks of life. The people living in Villas are always found as social but maintain a personal privacy space with each other.
  • Pet Friendly : Villas are spacious and you can have a pet at your home. You are not required to take permission from society like in apartments. Your pets will get more outdoor space, an open terrace, and other space to hanging around.
  • Go eco-friendly : More and more people are realizing the importance of making their homes eco-friendlier. Having your villa will allow you to harvest rainwater, opt for solar energy, etc. It is a great opportunity to not only make your home more economic but also set an example of how you can use natural resources to their maximum.
  • Garden : One more thing that adds a luxury feature to your villa is the private garden. People living in the villa can have their own terrace garden for relaxing after a hard day. It also promotes green living so that people will get a natural and fresh environment. It is another great experience for the people living in the villa.

Luxury villas in Jaipur like Manglam Anantara will give an immense experience to live. You will get more space to do things like the home decoration, solar energy plants, rainwater harvesting systems, and many more things. Not only this you can do anything you want in your personal space.

What makes ManglamAnantara different from other villas?
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What makes ManglamAnantara different from other villas?

Manglam Anantara

Manglam Anantara is a synonym of Luxury. Properties are appealing and aesthetic in terms of design, ambiance, and location. The context of a modern villa has changed and now it refers to quality, craftsmanship, and a more luxurious lifestyle more than just appearance.

Home is a reflection of your personality but villa signifies your persona, aura, and status symbol. The villas at Manglam Anantara showcase a luxurious lifestyle with elegance and comfort. People want a property that is peaceful, and rich in green environment. 4 BHK Villa at Manglam Anantara fulfills your requirements.

The villa property has been provided with utmost comfort and luxury. Moreover, the environment, natural light, peace, and sophistication in design make Manglam Anantara different from other properties.

Following are some points that make Villas at Manglam Anantara unique:


Location is a prime factor for purchasing a villa. Manglam Anantara is located at Ajmer Road opposite Pink Pearl and has close vicinity to Mahindra SEZ. It is near to every important location from schools, colleges to hospitals. Moreover, villas by Manglam Anantara are quite peaceful with less pollution and are best for a harmonious life.

Design & layout

These villas have an interesting and appealing landscape and view that will steal your heart. The designs are luxurious with a beautiful surrounding garden. Villas are designed with Vastu so that people purchase it without any complaint and issue. As villas are spacious and are thoughtfully planned, you can get ample natural light with fresh air due to excellent cross ventilation.The villas are fashioned on the principles of ancient “ShilpaShastra” with modern Balinese architecture to create a royal experience.

Other amenities

When you are purchasing the Villas at ManglamAnantara, you will get multiple amenities. A clubhouse, garden, badminton court, temple, meditation center, senior citizen sitting area, and many other. Yes, you will get all of these with “One Deal”!

Manglam Anantara Villas are spacious and big. We are sure you will get a royal experience to live and you will be mesmerized with the luxury villa segment.

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Manglam Anantara: A Synonym of Luxury!

Free-living is what modern people want.

A luxurious home will give a feeling of independence. ManglamAnantara is designed for spacious living for those who aspire to free living. 3-tier security with CCTV surveillance makes Anantara a great place to live. Luxury is a definition of ManglamAnantara that makes it the finest Villas in Jaipur.
A 1.5-acre garden will be developed to promote the health and fitness of the residents. This private garden also has a separate portion for kids to play with. A separate senior citizen corner for all older people so that they can discuss their experience and thoughts. The design of the Villas is elegant, verdant, and impressive which attracts every single person to get this luxurious lifestyle.

Anantara is a definition of freedom in so many ways:

• High-end amenities
• Open terrace
• 3-tier security
• Convenient location
The Villas are developing at Main Ajmer Road, the prime location of Jaipur and give a feel of refreshment with garden. Moreover, theless polluted area due to wide gardens and lush greenery is also an added advantage for the villa buyers. The location is easy to access and residents can get school, colleges, and shops at their nearest point.
Club House is designed to organize small parties in the Anantara. There is infinite leisure that gives freedom and peace to your mind, body, and soul. An elite community place to live with the experience of the bounty of nature and state-of-the-art club facilities.

The Club House of Anantara include:

• Outdoor & Indoor Games
• Swimming Pool
• Banquet Hall
• Garden
ManglamAnantara is a 4BHK Duplex Villa featuring en-suite facilities, a complete idol for unwinding busy days, and a resultful night’s slumber. The interiors are decorated with the finest design and style, offering the utmost comfort and luxury. With so many benefits, ManglamAnantara is the best villas in Jaipur to live and get the comfort of a luxury lifestyle.

Buying Your Dream Villa: What You Need to Know
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Buying Your Dream Villa: What You Need to Know

Many people are purchasing “Villas” now a days.

Whenever we listen tothe word Villa, a luxury design and element click in our mind. Villa is a one-level structure with a single wall attached toa neighboring villa.
In ancient terms, Villas have pools, gardens, farmlands, with a large area for the suburb. In modern times, it’s a small place with some special facilities. When you want to purchase a truly luxurious Villa in Jaipur, you need to consider some points.

Following are some important points to consider before purchasing a luxury villa in Jaipur:

Features and amenities

A luxury villa include diversified features that make everyone stunt. Villas’ features list is not limited and contains varieties of features and elements. Higher-end villas include a complete furnishing home with a separate game zone andother features. Some Villas are manufactured in a large area and also contain a swimming pool, terrace garden, study room, etc. The best Villa in Jaipur offers you a park, swimming pool, clubhouse for the society. It is not important to purchase Luxury Villa, but some basic requirements of a Villa are:

  • Spacious living area
  • Furnished dining area
  • State of the art kitchen


: With multiple features and amenities, Manglam Anantara,4 BHK Villa in Jaipur offers you the desired villa lifestyle. The overall design of Villas is similar to each other and includes a similar architecture, landscaping, interior design, furnishing, etc. The features are combinedto make a dream Villa. The Luxury Villas in Jaipur are truly a spectacle to behold and present its unique character with the overall aesthetic of the structure, surrounding, and interior.


: Buyers purchase a property that is convenient and near to the city. Even if all the stated requirements fulfill by the Villas, people still look for a property near to the city of Jaipur. It is important to choose the quality location and reachable from Airport, Station, Hospital, School, College, etc. ManglamAnantara is near Ajmer Road and near to the main city of Jaipur.

Big Size Villa

:Manglam Anantara is dealing in the big size villa that makes your life luxurious. 4 BHK Duplex Villa will not only amaze you but you can organize a small party at home as well. The bigger size of Villa will give you comfort and you can do multiple activities at home. Having more space for self always counts as luxury.


:The are two categories of villas. One category of east& west facing villas have a plot area of 1375 sq.ft., ground floor 1050 sq. ft., first floor 1050 sq.ft., second floor 200 sq. ft. Thus, the total area equals to 2300 sq. ft. The other category of east/ west facing villas have the plot area is plot area of 1740 sq.ft., ground floor 1275 sq. ft., first floor 1250 sq.ft., second floor 200 sq. ft. Thus, the total area equals to 2725 sq. ft.

ManglamAnantara is developing a 1.5 Acre private garden for all families. A separate play area for kids so that no one will be disturbed and kids will play and do some physical activities. Moreover,a temple for senior citizens with a senior citizen corner. The corner will help all seniors to interact with each other and share their thoughts.

These are some basic requirements for people looking in a simple villa or a luxury villa. Villa isn’t supposed to match the fairy-tale castle but should include all important amenities for a comfortable lifestyle. The Villa needs to include a well-designed space, modern and modular kitchen with a natural and good vibe. Hence, when you are purchasing the Villa in Jaipur at Manglam Anantara, you will get great features that match your vibe for your dream living.

Manglam'sAnantara's amenities and location possess ease and comfort, giving smooth access to residents for their everyday needs. T
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Manglam’sAnantara’s amenities and location possess ease and comfort, giving smooth access to residents for their everyday needs.

These picturesque adobes come with ample green space and amenities for your whole family. From secured gated premises to abundant greens, your villa is equipped with modular kitchen and all modern amenities for easy housing.

Moreover, the project offers you numerous facilities for recreation, entertainment and fitness such as:

  • Indoor & outdoor game facilities
  • Kids play area
  • Badminton court
  • Swimming Pool

One would feel connected to every conceivable comfort within the premise as well as outside. The area is seemingly populated with a good number of families living in nearby colonies and other group housings. The neighbourhood lets you splurge into the numerous lifestyle avenues. The compound bestows you with immense convenience around.

  • Numerous good educational institutions in close vicinity
  • Well populated area
  • SEZ and industrial area
  • Excellent connectivity from Vaishali Nagar, Shyam Nagar and Mansarovar

Anantaraoffers a living that’s unmatched by any other development in its league. These picturesque adobes come with ample green space and amenities for your whole family. The planning ensures Vastu compliance for an auspicious environment. Anantara offers the grandeur of free living space and tranquillity at your convenience.

Planned to integrate the needs of the modern-day homeowner, Anantara encompasses amenities such as:

  • Lush green front lawn
  • Dedicated room for Pooja
  • Low rise leas density elevation
  • Vastu compilation
  • Prominent location
  • JDA approved RERA reg.
  • Gym
  • Swimming pool
  • Clubhouse
  • Smart city solution

Both variants of each villa are available in east and west facing.

The houses are equipped with best in class material to finishing, the drawing/dining area walls.The kitchen is well equipped for all your needs. Balcony, terraces, porch and backyard are thoughtfully planned as per your necessities.Anantara plans to set up a full-service clubhouse and provide plenty of leisure areas where you can connect with yourself and discover the little joys of life.

Professionally managed Club Oasis comes with a variety of perks such as a big facility area, outdoor and indoor games for your children and you!

Anantara is truly a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you to reside in an elite community.

Experience the best of both worlds: the bounty of nature and state of the art club facilities.

4 BHK luxury villas in Jaipur Anantara Manglam Group
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Villa v/s Flat: What is the smart choice?

Have you at any point of time in your life thought to buy villas in Jaipur?

If yes, then have you faltered about whether it ought to be in Jaipur or another city of India? Have you thought over the language?

Well, once you have a thought you want to buy a villa or a flat in a city like Jaipur, the next major consideration that comes to mind is the location and the area. To get a better idea about all this, you can just Google about top villa projects in Jaipur that are within your budget and meet your expectations. Now when you have the details, it’s all about you how you make the move after carrying out a thorough research about various projects.

If you are planning to buy a villa property, 4 BHK luxury villas in Jaipur can be the best choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the villa lifestyle. You can experience a leisurely life with amenities like club house, banquet hall, mini theater, guest bedroom, and other host of facilities for recreation, entertainment and fitness. Further, unlike flats, in a villa, the buyer is the owner of the land as well as can experience the benefit of having a separate rooftop. Villas provide you the adequate privacy which is not possible in case of flats. Apart from this, the secured gated premise with abundant greens lets you experience the best of the villa lifestyle.

There are numerous reasons for buying a villa in tier 2 cities like Jaipur. In this blog we will be sharing five reasons why you should buy a villa property in Jaipur:

The Climate:

It is warm the greater part of the year, sweltering in June and July, and can be cold in winter yet the cooler climate is invited and invigorating.

The People:

People are welcoming, enchanting, thoughtful, and wonderful. They cherish it when you attempt and talk to their local language. Here, Hindi and English language are likewise spoken and here individuals are so friendly in helping you along. They will make a special effort to help with whatever the issue might be and they do it with such beauty.

Medical Care:

If you have reached here from another city or nation, your care is secured here and works all around comparably to the National Health System. Once in the framework, our experience has been that the medical staff is exhaustive, useful, patient, and gives you as much time as you need.

The City and Its History:

It is so incredibly delightful with a differently fascinating history which is to be seen all over the place and which means you will never be exhausted. Regardless of whether it is the antiquated chronicled landmarks, craftsmanship, the customs which are consistently happened, there are awesome places to visit and something to see.

The Food:

It is scrumptious, stunning that you should have over and over. Its food is twice honoured because it is the result of two expressions – the speciality of cooking and the craft of eating. Not every person in Jaipur may realize how to cook; however, almost everybody realizes how to eat. Eating in Jaipur is one more appearance of the Rajasthani age-old endowment of making craftsmanship out of life’.

Thus, here we are, and hence and some more, we cherish our life here. Purchasing a 4 BHK villa in Jaipur was probably the best choice we can make at any point. Most individuals wish to purchase a villa where they could cheerfully live with their family.

The decision to buy a villa or a flat entirely depends on the buyer’s sole discretion. But before reaching to any decision, it is advised that you should make a comprehensive analysis and comparison of the amenities and the benefits you get by purchasing a villa or a flat. Moreover, if you want to experience a modern lifestyle with utmost privacy, buying a luxury villa in Jaipur is the best option.


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