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Jaipur: The City of Tomorrow!

Jaipur is an upcoming hotspot for the real estate market.

The city is known for its heritage and royal factors and attracts people not only for holiday vacations but for the living. A city is an emerging place for all who want to invest in the property. The reason behind the enhancement in real estate value is the development of SEZ area, IT companies’, connectivity, and many more. All these factors are contributing to the development of Jaipur as the city of tomorrow.

So, make your smart move and invest today in the property in Jaipur.

  • Reason for investment: Jaipur is a metro city and also developing as a smart city. Companies like Honda, Coca-Cola are shifting their operations in Jaipur. Moreover, Infosys, Genpact are some major IT companies facilitating operations from Jaipur. Thus, such aspects are considering Jaipur as a favorite place for investment and many people are moving to the smart city.
  • Connectivity: The most important thing that person seeks before the investment is connectivity. If you are choosing a property, then you should look at the route’s connectivity. Metro, buses are some major aspects of connectivity among different areas. The residential property groups are developing their properties at the most convenient locations so that everyone could easily reach.
  • Emerging Hub: From tourism to IT, everything is under development in Jaipur. Some big companies and educational institutes are coming to Jaipur for their complete setup. Moreover, some big hospitality service providers are also entering Rajasthan like Holiday Inn, Starbucks, Hilton, etc. Hence, it strengthens the tourism sector of Jaipur as well. Thus, you will get more opportunities for future perspectives.

Jaipur is the city of tomorrow! Yes, the statement is correct and appropriate as people are residing and shifting to Jaipur to get a peaceful life. If you want to get a peaceful life, then you should purchase a property in Jaipur. Airport City by Manglam is the best property for investment where you can construct your dream home. The plots are available in various sizes and provide multiple facilities to you. Choose your preferred size land and develop your home.

CategoriesBuying Real Estate in Jaipur High Rise building Property Management Real Estate Buying Tips Real Estate Invest in Jaipur The Complete City

Investing in land is a future investment!

Choose your property wisely. Make your investment worth it.

There are so many things’ people listen to when they want to invest in a property. People are looking for multiple options when they invest in a property. Buying land is a good investment in context with a future perspective. The land is a most sought-after and profitable option for a long-term investment. Many people are still not aware of the good reasons for investment. The plots in Jaipur by Manglam offer good value and certain other advantages as well.

Let’s find out some good reasons for investment:

  • Return on investment:Land is the best source of passive income and also provides large profit. A land can double your profit within a year, month or sometimes it took more than a year. A better return on investment depends on the value of a property and its connectivity & location.
  • Land availability:If you want to invest, then the land is a great option for you. The population is growing and thus, the demand for land increases. This resource is limited and not much land is available. Hence, due to the increase in demand, investing in land is a good and beneficial future investment.

There are certain reasons to look for while purchasing a property. These reasons are general motivators that support investment. For a valuable investment for the future, plots in Jaipur by Airport City consider as the best option. You will get a good return on investment as well as develop your dream home. This gated community has demarcated the property and protected your property from Trespassing. Investing in Manglam Airport City is a good option for future perspective as it’s close to the vicinity and amenities enforce you to purchase the property.

CategoriesBuying Real Estate in Jaipur High Rise building Property Management Real Estate Buying Tips Real Estate Invest in Jaipur The Complete City

Properties that will change the way you live.

Many people dream of a desired property.

People always look for the best option that will give them the highest return on their investment. When you are choosing a property, multiple aspects and elements need to consider. With these elements and search options, you will get the best deal that will change the way you live.Airport city is one of them! This project of Manglam Group offers plots in Jaipur of different sizes where you can develop your dream property. This property is the best investment and gives you the ultimate return. This project will change the way you live as you now owned a property and your dream home.

Let’s find out how Airport City will transform your life:

  • Build your dream home: The sole objective of purchasing a plot is to develop a dream home. People love to architect their dream home and choose its design and interior. From designing the aesthetic to the size of the property, everything is upto you. A luxury lifestyle, a normal lifestyle, or anything: the choice is yours. What life will you go to choose?
  • A villa for life: Some properties are a dream and living in such property is a desire. If you buy a plot for construction, then you should go with Villa. A villa can change your living pattern as it gives a luxury aura and motivates you towards a standard of living. Thus, a villa will change the way a person lives.

The best plots in Jaipur offer an opportunity to transform living. There are various properties available in distinct sizes. Moreover, the loan is approved by the HDFC bank that fills the bridge between your dream life and property. For an investment, Airport City is the best project in Jaipur that will transform your life.

Significant hike in the real estate industry!
CategoriesBuying Real Estate in Jaipur High Rise building Property Management Real Estate Buying Tips Real Estate Invest in Jaipur The Complete City

Significant hike in the real estate industry!

COVID outbreak has impacted us so far!

There were so many industries that faces a huge loss and impact of COVID. Whereas some industries define a significant growth even in COVID. Information Technology & Real-estate industry: These two impose a growth in the COVID. The IT industry rises as people shift their business online whereas many people had invested in properties. The property in Jaipur become a preferred choice for the people and found it as the hot market. People either want to live in a society or gated community and the market of the Pink City is now developed as end-user driven.

Increase in the real estate market

Jaipur is a hot-shot market for the people and many people choose this location as the best market for investment. The real-estate market of the city is growing due to the best connectivity, low traffic, smart city, etc. All such factors motivate a person to invest in the property. After the pandemic, a drastic change is determined in the stamp duty collection. In June 2020, the Rajasthan government has collected 93 crores as Stamp duty. This has indicated that people prefer and purchase properties in Jaipur even in Lockdown.

With this increment, there are some vital reasons to invest in this emerging real-estate market:

  • IT & ITeS sector is flourishing the market with the top-rated companies like Infosys, Genpact.
  • The place is strategically located near the highways of Delhi, Mumbai.
  • More than $2 billion will be expected to transform Jaipur in the next few years.

A significant hike is anticipated in the real estate industry as the property in Jaipur is quite affordable for people whether purchasing a dream home or investing in the land. Many

CategoriesBuying Real Estate in Jaipur High Rise building Property Management Real Estate Buying Tips Real Estate Invest in Jaipur The Complete City

What should you keep in mind while making a home?

Luxury home with multiple amenities, a lush green balcony garden – all these are dream elements for a home.

A perfect plan is needed while developing a dream home. When building a house, it is vital to plan all the important elements at the construction stage. Besides designing a house layout, you should ensure some important points like ventilation, Shilpa Shastra, natural light, etc. These things are important to consider before constructing your dream home. These points are possible either when you develop your house by own or purchase a developed home with these features. Manglam Builders offers you to build your dream home. Airport City is a perfect property in Jaipur for investment or for constructing a house.

Thus, when you will construct your dream home, these things are important to keep in mind:

  • Designing the layout: A home is a place of rest & relaxation. When you are developing a home, you should keep the design in mind. You have to decide the layout of rooms, dining, kitchen, and everything. Along with this, a complete floor plan, as well as furniture, keep in the mind.
  • Construction Material: Another important thing is checking the quality of the material. When you are developing your dream home, you have to check the material quality. It is important to evaluate the material first as you will make all your memories inside the house.
  • Budget: A set budget should be a part of the list. Fix a budget and divide it into details including the cost of construction, material, taxes, furniture, and even home décor. Besides your fixed budget, keep a sum aside for any contingency.

When you purchase a property in Jaipur, you need to keep design, material, and budget in mind. When you plan everything, it becomes easy for you to construct the home of your life. Get the best plots in Jaipur from Manglam Builders at Airport City.

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Impact of Pandemic on Raw land Investment!

The pandemic hit us so badly!

We have faced an economic crisis, as well as, many people have lost their lives, jobs. Every sector has faced a downturn and incurreda huge loss. But we have witnessed a strange thing in this pandemic. Many people had invested in the land and procure flats, homes, and raw land to build a dream house. People have found plots in Jaipur as the bestinvestment option with a hope to better return in the future.So, we can say that the pandemic impact on real estate was positive.

Let’s unpack all such things and anticipate the impact of a pandemic on land investment.

  • Price and value: After the pandemic, many people have realized the value of homeownership. Plots in Jaipur are reasonable to purchase and many people have invested in the land. Manglam Airport City gives you the chance to purchase a “plot in Jaipur” and make your dream home. The price of land is affordable for people with unlimited benefits like gated communities, townships, wide roads.
  • Return:The reason for investment in land is a higher return in the future. You need to choose the right property in Jaipur and the right time for investment. Manglam Airport City becomes a preferred choice for many people after the pandemic. Users are investing in Airport City plots with the hope to geta higher return in the future.
  • Avenue for young investors: Anyone can invest in plots but young professionals should consider investing in this asset. The entry prices of real estate assets are low and this makes it suitable for those who are in the early stages of their careers. While the Coronavirus disease has dampened the sentiments of prospective home buyers, analysts are confident that it is just a matter of time before buyers return to the market.

Property in Jaipur is a great choice for people after an announcement ofthe “Delhi-Mumbai Corridor”. Moreover, the corridor will be constructed near Manglam Airport City.

What makes Airport City Different?
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What makes Airport City Different?

Airport City by Manglamis a preferred choice for people to invest in and build their dream home.

Many people have shown interest in different properties in Jaipur but Manglam Airport City will give the best return in the future. The reason behind purchasing or investing in Manglam Airport City is its appearance as people will get an offer to live in a peaceful environment. The road is well connected with Tonk Road, & Jaipur International Airport. So, what else makes the Airport city different from other townships of Jaipur.

For this, you need to read the below-stated points:

  • Location: The first thing is the location of the Airport City. Airport city is located near Jaipur International Airport and is convenient for people to reach. The location is also nearthe Tonk Road and Prahladpura Industrial Area &Shivdaspura Railway Station.
  • Extra facilities: When you are purchasing a property in Jaipur especially at Airport City, you will get unlimited benefits. These benefits are determined in terms of extra facilities for the community:
    • The lush green environment & garden makes the Aiport City different from other townships of Jaipur. Natural surroundingsgive you an aesthetic and peaceful environment.
    • The street light pool and sewerage system of the Airport City make the township different from others. You can even walk through the Airport City duringthe night as well.

These are some aspects that make the Airport city a perfect place to live. The well-designed and landscape garden and street lights make the project the best of all. Manglam builders are the best in the business and people havehad trust& faith in them for many years. This trust remains to carry forward in the future as well because Manglam Airport City is the best place to develop your dream home. If you want to invest, then Airport city is the best option.

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Why do you need Home Insurance?

Home insurance is an important thing to keep your home safe from a variety of risks.

When you are purchasing a home, it comes with some unforeseen calamities. Home insurance is important and covers physical damage, damage due to fire, flood, natural disaster, etc. Buying a home is the largest expense of a person’s life. Your home protection is also important as you. Manglam Airport city is an investment where you can make your dream home. Airport City is a plot available in different sizes. This property in Jaipur is approved by HDFC bank for a loan and you can take home insurance as well from the bank.

Here are 3 important reasons why you need home insurance:

  • Home insurance is not only protecting your home but you can get a cover for the interior things. Comprehensive home insurance covers theft, burglary so you should anticipate each policy and then choose the right one. So, home insurance covers more than what you think. Choose the right policy for you that covers the entire home and insured every single thing of your home.
  • Home insurance provided compensation for your loss. Don’t wonder about this fact. Yes, home insurance covers you from uncertain events like earthquakes, storms, cyclones, floods, etc. Home insurance allows you to cover your property from inside and outside. Home insurance makes sense.
  • Home insurance policy is affordable for all. If you are investing in a property in Jaipur, you should go for the home policy by the bank. Your small investment will protect you from big losses. Don’t think twice, just get the home insurance policy.

Airport City is the best township in Jaipur. There are plots in Jaipur but when you are constructing your dream home, you should go for home insurance. Home insurance protects you from every damage.

Here’s what you should know before investing in the land?
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Here’s what you should know before investing in the land?

The land is the best investment option in India and its value has never receded.

Land gives you the best return with minimum investment. However, people have trusted return on land more as compared to equity, shares. There is a need to understand some points that need to assess before investing in the land.

Manglam Airport City is the best investment option for investment on land.

  • Limitation: The first major factor that increases the value of land is a limited supply. The land is limited and it is quiteimpossible to create more. The demand for land is growing up. Moreover, the price of land has never experienced volatile change like gold, equity, & bond. Plots in Jaipur are limited and people are investing in land with future perspective and plans like manufacturing of home, resale etc.
  • The land is a big-ticket:When you are investing in land, then you should wait for some years. Every year, the value will be increased and it makes the “land as big-ticket”. Unlike equity, gold and bond that can be sold easily, land need a proportion of time, sometimes a year. Hence, you should know this fact before purchasing land.
  • Quick Possession: You can take quick possession of the land. Unlike flat or house, which incurred a cost of shifting. Thus, there is no gap between purchase and possession. No additional cost is charged on land procurement as well as you can choose the preferred architecture you want.

Plots in Jaipur is the best option for investment and it will give you the best return in the future. The airport city by Manglam is the best option for investment. You can make commercial sites or your dream home. So, be an investor and invest in Manglam Airport City.

Emerging Real Estate Trends
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Emerging Real Estate Trends

The real estate sector in India is always signifying rapid growth.

Many people have purchased the property in Jaipur in COVID. Manglam Airport City: Purchase your plot in Jaipur. Many people have invested in property in Jaipur and get the best future return.

With the change in time, the following are some new trends anticipated in the real estate industrythat fascinate you the most:

  • Technology: Every sector in the world is undergoing a massive digital revolution that transforms its practices. In real estate, technology is used at every phase; from promoting an investment opportunity to commercial projects; from construction to Smart home things; technology is used at every phase. When you have purchased the plot in Jaipur, you need to understand the modern technology that will use in the construction of the dream home.
  • Investment: It is not an emerging trend but has always been a part of the real estate trend. It never fades with time. People are investing heavily in properties with future context. Many people have purchased the property in Jaipur and wait for the right time as an investment is a risk-bearing decision for the user.
  • The shift in preferred localities: Previously, people have preferred the location near to the main city for better convenience. Now, people are looking for an investment opportunity that is far from the city or attached to the highway road. Thus, we have witnessed a shift in the preferred location of the people.
  • Preferred Residential formats:The increasingly popular trend of affordable and mid-segment properties is likely to continue this year, and ready-to-move-in properties or purchasing plotsare likely to be the most preferred option.

These are some emerging trends in the real estate industry. Manglam Airport City is providing plots to the people for investment purposes and they can choose the architecture of the home.


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