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includes, Manglam Brand name typography, the TM mark, the BDL short term, the hut structure with building blocks and the red line. The hut represents shelter, security and protection. The building blocks represent the steady growth and solid foundation. All these elements form to make the Manglam brand symbol.


The tagline in the logo is written in Hindi language so as to give a Connection between modern and traditional values of the company.


Resale Purchase Property in Jaipur Rajasthan

Manglam is a family of about 10,000 investors and their investment has been appreciated beyond expectations. There has been demand of our valued customers to provide a platform within the company (due to certain reasons) to en-cash the appreciation or further investment. We are happy to convey you that now the company has created a new division to undertake following work as Corporate Real Estate Advisor:

  • 1. Re-sale / Purchase of all kind of properties of Manglam Group i.e. booking, Manglam possession letter or JDA Patta.
  • 2. Re-sale/Purchase of all kind of properties including Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Agriculture having clear and marketable title anywhere in Rajasthan.
  • 3. To arrange Joint Venture for development of properties.
  • 4. Long Term Lease/ Rental facilities. We shall work in transparent, trusted manner on commission basis. We hope you will contact us for above and also refer to your friends.

We shall work in transparent, trusted manner on commission basis. We hope you will contact us for above and also refer to your friends.

For Resale / Purchase Lease or Rent

Name: R.S.Gupta (GM)

Mobile : 9928008045

Email: resale@localhost/manglam

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Why Living in a Rented Property When You can have your own?

Considering all the perspectives of prices in the market it is very crucial for the end user to think that he should go for rent or in buying his own property. Buying the own property is somewhere more considerable as the rent which we pay to landlord never comes back, however it is possible to get the finance done on home and pay to the bank rather than the rent as at the end there will be great output from the same i.e. your own house.

Earlier people used to consider the location as their preference and then used to decide upon the rent or owning the house. However now the time has changed and there are many new concepts in terms of housing facilities comes into the picture. Manglam which is the top realtor of Rajasthan offers many variety in product wherein they have the option for customers which can turn out to be the savings for them and it says that whatever rent they are paying outside they can easily pay as EMI’s to the company and can own their own house rather than paying the EMI’s as well the rent.

Time passes very quickly and owning our own house is always a best option as it has been considered to be the biggest assets of life, also the difficult decision because it needs lots of brainstorming on price, location however once it’s done then life can be easily spent in comfort in your own house.

There are pros and cons of Rental options; let have a look


When you are renting a house

  • Maintenance is no worry
  • Monthly cost can be lower
  • You do not need to worry about major maintenance cost.
  • You can rent out as per your requirement, if your workplace is far from the city one can have many other and better options for renting a flat at the outskirt, if it is within the city then indeed there is no problem in renting the flat.
  • You can easily move at another place if you in case doesn’t like the locality and if you like and consider the location worth then buying your own house in same locality can be the option as well.
  • You can really have the many options to buy in the same locality, and living in the rent on same area can give a good feel of area as well as one can know about the nearby facilities.


Rent given can never become your savings neither it will come back; so it’s better to pay EMI’s of home loan.

Bad landlord always troubles you and can always to fetch the money from you over the name of maintenance or small repairs.

In rented house there always a limit in decorating the house or doing anything extra. Also it is very off feel of doing extra work in the house which is not yours.

Buying a flat will surely secure your future so it’s better to own!

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Priority of High Rise building should be the safety measures!

Nepal has bought a lot of sense of security in terms of high rise buildings. After the earthquake and severe tremors everybody gets gives high preference to the security aspects specifically in eastern India.

As per the new study of sky is the limit the average number of floors are 6-15 , 16-25 and 26-35 Floor. Comparatively it is proven that Mumbai has these kind buildings more than Bangalore and NCR. However it is very important to be prepared especially in high rise buildings for any natural calamity with mere or no less.

Construction is a huge field wherein people are learning different measures and techniques to implement in the infrastructure. These days there are many institutes and agencies who train the civil engineers on new techniques. Earthquake resistant structure is very much known by the public and they prefer the same also to avoid any difficulty later.

Government is also running a lot of projects on construction training so that the overall infrastructural are it the low level building or the high rise ones should be constructed with expert’s knowledge and new techniques.

Apart from Tier I cities Tier II and III are also having a huge scope of commercial and residential building. There are many IT/BPO’s/KPO’s are opening up in Tier II cites and because of the same the demand of residential as well as commercial projects has been increased real estate market these days.

There are lot factors which one should identify while constructing the high rise buildings

  • To analyze the fire risk attached with it
  • Understanding the strategies to solve the fire challenges
  • Specially how the fire safety measure work independently as well as together

Below are few specific points which should be taken into consideration

Unsuppressed fire always creates a lot of smoke horizontally and vertically so proper ventilation should be planned as well as fire extinguishers should be well kept at every possible corner. There should be well planned emergency exits on every floor at both the sides.

Points to Remember

  • Every High Rise building should have at least two staircases.
  • Every slab or balcony overlooking any exterior or interior open space which are 2 meters or more below shall be provided with parapet walls or guard rails of height not less than 1.20 meters and such guard rails shall be firmly fixed to the walls and slabs and may also be of blank walls, metal grills or a combination of both.
  • Every opening provided to ducts from the interior of a building should be closed with strong material.
  • Every high rise building which has more than 16 dwelling units shall be provided with at least one lift capable of carrying a stretcher.
  • Where access is provided over the terrace floor or to the terrace floor, the edges of the terrace floor shall be provided with parapet walls made of stable materials to a height of not less than 120 cms.

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Make your Festival comfortable with Attractive Home loan Schemes

What is better than owning your house rather than feeling emotionally sad about not able to do the decorations as per our desires because of the landlords, hesitated to spend in the renovations also because the tenant never know when he has to shift. May be after 6 months the renovation money which had been spent will go in vein.

Advantage to the women borrowers:

It is the universal fact that women are more excited than the men to decorate her house and keep it tidy and clean.  The scheme is already in the market wherein the women can take home loan on lower interest rates. As per the proposed scheme the borrower should be sole applicant or can be the co-applicant as well however the priority will surely given to female applicant. She should be the first owner of the fund. The interest rate on above 75 lacks will be 10.10% rather than 10.15 especially to the female borrowers.

Schemes of Private Banks:

The banks are providing the exceptional rates to on the schemes wherein the base rate of the bank on 2 Cr loan will be 10.25%. One of the private financial institutions is offering a waive off of the previous 12 months Installments, if the loan borrower has a good a record of loan repayment on 20 years of the home loan.

Every category is being benefitted:

This is not necessary that one will not be benefitted if they have a small budget, they can still be benefitted with home loans range from 1 lack – 25 Lack. The loan will be given only to those whose income is greater or equals to 8000/- and the starting area of the size should be 325 sq ft. Fixed and floating options are available.

Females these days gets unlimited benefits by the financial banks as well as NBF’s wherein the interest rates are comparatively very lower than what is there in the market. It is just that the customer should be well aware of the variety of schemes available in the market which allows the customer to get the benefits out of it

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Where to Invest in Jaipur for maximum returns

First of all we need to emphasize on Why Jaipur? Location and other advantages are real secondary as the city almost having all the advantages and is becoming the demanding city overall, Tourists adores Jaipur because of its culture, adversity, and facilities. Lets us know all the possible reasons to understand why Jaipur is in so much of demand.

  • Jaipur has become the investment destination: Jaipur is eleventh largest city of India with population growth of 49%.
  • It is projected in 2025 the city will become the Mega City, and will cross the population of 80 Million people.
  • International airport with availability of all major destinations is an additional advantage.
  • Jaipur has become a Hub of domestic as well as international tourists, Handicrafts has an gained a lot of attraction.
  • Jaipur has also become a largest center of Gems and Jewelry. The Export of the same has actually increased the returns in market which surely increases the GDP.
  • SEZ has become an opportunity center for youth, with opening up of new multinational companies.
  • Jaipur has almost the top medical facilities along with the best of the hotels like Fortis, EHCC, SDMG, Cancer Hospital etc.
  • Excellent law and order situation with stable political scenario.
  • Low Establishment Cost.

Top Locations of Jaipur to Invest?

AJMER ROAD : THE FUTURE OF JAIPUR : First of all the area has BRTs and Metro facility which has to be fulfilled considering every sort of citizen as it is not necessary that everybody carries their own vehicle, Bus connectivity is a major solutions of commuting problems for normal public.

  • Customer will find all sorts of options like Villa, plots, farm houses etc.
  • Ajmer road has major townships by the renowned builders of Rajasthan.
  • The area has major connectivity with SEZ.
  • There are many international and convent schools for the kids.

The major advantage is that the highway connects Delhi and Bombay as there is a six lane Expressway which is again a additional advantage, moreover the area is JDA approved which surely is a major benefit because the non-approved areas never get the government facilities like water supply and electricity, however when the area is JDA approved it is always benefitted.

There will be maximum returns if you invest on Ajmer Road.

As Jaipur is destined to become a Mega City in 2025 if a customer chooses Ajmer road then it will surely give the maximum returns because of JDA approvals as well as Builders offers a varied range of townships as well as residential projects nearby or on Ajmer road. Connectivity with Delhi Mumbai increases the credibility and approach of the area indeed. Best Hotels as entrainment drivers increases the leisure factor.

Investment today should be the mantra of every individual however choosing the right realtor should be the first preference for the expert guidance, location choice off-course affects the whole scenario like budget and other formalities. Expert advice is must on every investment decision.

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Harmony Facility Management: The Strength of Manglam Build Developers

Company believes in philosophy of after sales service being a ‘service’ to our customers not a profit generating part of our business. Our services must enrich people’s lives. Innovation in all areas of our business is essential to attaining and sustaining leadership. Our skilled management team is our company’s most valuable resource. We make all the necessary resources available to ensure that a successful business relationship is well rooted and developed.

CRM that means customer relation management and we can only manage the customer relation when we serve them at our best. The builders who sell and disappear after selling can never succeed and the strategy as well is not considered to be the good one. However actual service starts after selling the product when customer can give the real feedback of the product on use and via that feedback as service Provider the organization can improve.

Harmony Facility Management Pvt Ltd is a great initiative of Manglam build developers wherein the services are based on after selling. Whatever the issues if any faced by the customer can be resolved on immediate basis. The overall maintenance of the project is a major responsibility of Harmony team. There is a proper channel where customer can report the glitches and get them resolved as soon as possible.

Why we need Maintenance?

Regular maintenance is essential to keep equipment, machines and the work environment safe and reliable. It helps to eliminate workplace hazards. Lack of maintenance or inadequate maintenance can lead to dangerous situations, accidents and health problems.

Regular Maintenance is required to eliminate continuous hazards and it increases the safety in all terms. Lack of maintenance can cause serious accidents. Harmony staff is improving day by day by keeping themselves updated through training on safety measures. Trainings are being conducted by the senior management staff that are already well equipped with knowledge and know about practical challenges one can face. Poor maintenance often leads customer dissatisfaction which can hamper the company image for sure.

Yet, maintenance helps to create conditions that are not uncomfortable or directly harmful to staff, other users and equipment- essential for an efficient and satisfying working / living environment. And, it will boost public image of the place resulting in appreciation of the price and uninterrupted working / living standards.

What all Service we give?

Security and Safety:

  • 24*7 security systems along with CCTV cameras
  • Maintenance and up keep of fire frightening equipments.

Hygiene and Sanitation:

  • Sewage Treatment plan
  • Daily sweeping of common areas, corridors, stairs and Parking.
  • Cleaning of Roof top, drainage and chambers.

Water Supply:

  • Maintenance of water distribution network
  • Regular cleaning of overhead tanks
  • Maintenance of bore well and open well submersibles.
  • Drinking Water Supply through RO and Water chilling plant.


  • Testing and Maintenance of electrical ear thing pit hole.
  • Operation and maintenance of generators sets for common area power back up services.
  • Operation and maintenance of lifts ,escalators

At the end it includes of maintaining the greenery as well the proper upkeep of landscaping.

By the entire service customer get high life conditions and very hygienic environment to live in.

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