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Why Living in a Rented Property When You can have your own?

Considering all the perspectives of prices in the market it is very crucial for the end user to think that he should go for rent or in buying his own property. Buying the own property is somewhere more considerable as the rent which we pay to landlord never comes back, however it is possible to get the finance done on home and pay to the bank rather than the rent as at the end there will be great output from the same i.e. your own house.

Earlier people used to consider the location as their preference and then used to decide upon the rent or owning the house. However now the time has changed and there are many new concepts in terms of housing facilities comes into the picture. Manglam which is the top realtor of Rajasthan offers many variety in product wherein they have the option for customers which can turn out to be the savings for them and it says that whatever rent they are paying outside they can easily pay as EMI’s to the company and can own their own house rather than paying the EMI’s as well the rent.

Time passes very quickly and owning our own house is always a best option as it has been considered to be the biggest assets of life, also the difficult decision because it needs lots of brainstorming on price, location however once it’s done then life can be easily spent in comfort in your own house.

There are pros and cons of Rental options; let have a look


When you are renting a house

  • Maintenance is no worry
  • Monthly cost can be lower
  • You do not need to worry about major maintenance cost.
  • You can rent out as per your requirement, if your workplace is far from the city one can have many other and better options for renting a flat at the outskirt, if it is within the city then indeed there is no problem in renting the flat.
  • You can easily move at another place if you in case doesn’t like the locality and if you like and consider the location worth then buying your own house in same locality can be the option as well.
  • You can really have the many options to buy in the same locality, and living in the rent on same area can give a good feel of area as well as one can know about the nearby facilities.


Rent given can never become your savings neither it will come back; so it’s better to pay EMI’s of home loan.

Bad landlord always troubles you and can always to fetch the money from you over the name of maintenance or small repairs.

In rented house there always a limit in decorating the house or doing anything extra. Also it is very off feel of doing extra work in the house which is not yours.

Buying a flat will surely secure your future so it’s better to own!

Stay tuned with us for updates regarding flats in jaipur

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