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Welcome to Harmony Facility Management Pvt. Ltd.

You may have always cherished the dream to own a property with all modern amenities offering comfort. The spacious apartments with easy access to the pool, kid’s play area, recreational area, other facilities may have attracted your interest. After you decide on investing in such a property, what happens when you see the building lacks maintenance facilities? It is devastating for people who have spent their hard-earned money on apartments or flats. Manglam Group has always served the customers to their satisfaction. So, we know the importance of building maintenance for residential and commercial projects. Hence, we have Harmony, a sister company of MG providing upkeeping and maintenance facilities for all its projects. Harmony is one of the fastest-growing service providers offering its dedicated assistance in the hospitality sector. The experts engage in providing value-added services to meet the demands of the clients.

Harmony For Upkeep And Maintenance

You may wonder why a residential or commercial complex requires a dedicated service provider for maintenance and upkeep. The expert team of the maintenance service preserves the residential or commercial building along with its immediate surroundings in perfect condition. It follows a set of specific activities for ensuring the space and its surroundings remain in optimum condition. The team undertakes different activities needed to keep your residential or commercial space functional. So, the occupants or businesses feel comfortable. Manglam Group believes in regular maintenance of the projects. It is to guarantees a secure and comfortable space for the customers. It makes our customers lead a happy life along with continuous value appreciation of the property. It means when you invest in a property in our residential or commercial space, it can give you great returns when you sell it in the future.

What Makes Harmony The Best?

Harmony is a professional property maintenance expert with experience in maintaining the upkeep of commercial buildings, residential spaces, shopping centers, office space, and many more. The team at Harmony strives to preserve and protect the real estate investment of our customers. The experts work towards cleaning and maintaining the space, replace any faulty or damaged materials, enhancing the appeal of the place, and doing day-to-day cleaning. Having a professional team by your side can eliminate the worry regarding the upkeep of your property. You have a beautiful property all the time.

       Staff Training

Harmony ensures regular training of the staff according to the industry standards. Professionals with expertise and willingness to learn the latest techniques make the proficient team that handles maintenance of the property. The team follows guidelines and a timely checklist to ensure effective and economic maintenance of your residential or commercial property.

       Guarantees Safety

Harmony has an experienced staff of professionals specializing in offering upkeep and maintenance solutions based on the specific needs of the project. The plans after understanding the customer goals will take the necessary maintenance strategy to keep the commercial and residential real estate asset safe. It can guarantee customer comfort without compromising on security. It meets all the basic needs of the customers.

       Access To Sophisticated Tools

The reputed infrastructure conducts property maintenance to ensure the cleaning, safety checks, and repairs get completed according to the needs of the property. The team has access to sophisticated tools and techniques for increasing tenant and guest satisfaction.

       Good Reputation

Harmony has developed a strong reputation among the customers by offering services as demanded. With a team of trained and highly technical staff, Harmony puts dedicated efforts into better maintenance services. It has resulted in increasing the satisfaction of the tenants and guests. With a fine reputation, you can see higher retention of tenants in residential projects and repeat business in commercial establishments.

       Handle Different Projects

Harmony has a team with experience in handling the maintenance of projects irrespective of their size. So, you can expect exemplary maintenance facilities in residential complexes, commercial malls, and townships. Harmony Facility management has experience in maintaining residential and commercial projects covering an area of more than two million square feet.

Harmony Maintenance And Upkeep Features

Manglam Group has a dedicated and committed team delivering you the best ambiance, convenience, and luxury with its services. Maintaining and upkeep of the projects focusses on the following features:

Security And Safety

The security feature in a residential or commercial complex has high importance. It means you can stay with peace of mind that reduces the possibility of any mishappening. The steps taken as precaution includes the following:

       24X7 security service along with patrolling at nights and the entry checks.

       For commercial projects, watching and assessing security through CCTV cameras.

       Manage the risk of fire accidents with maintenance and proper upkeep of firefighting equipment.

       Employ lifeguards for the pools in residential projects.

Hygiene And Sanitation

Every one of us gives utmost significance to personal hygiene. But, personal hygiene without ensuring the hygiene of our surroundings can put you at risk of suffering from diseases. Similarly, proper sanitation is also an essential part of healthy and disease-free living. Manglam Group understands it and offers the following:

       Ensure daily sweeping of the common areas, stairs, corridor, and parking space of the commercial/residential complex.

       Collection of garbage/trash daily and dispose of it properly.

       Oversee the operation along with maintenance of sewage treatment plant.

       Clean chambers, drainage, or rooftop to prevent other complications.

Water Supply

People living in residential complexes and running a business in a commercial complex need a water supply. Water is the most important resource needed for sustenance. Harmony handles the following to ensure a good water supply without any delay or interruption:

       Regular maintenance of the water distribution network in the project such as tanks, pumping sets, and others.

       Ensure regular cleaning of the overhead tanks.

       Servicing of open-well submersibles and borewell.

       Ensure proper drinking water supply after R.O filtration along with water chilling plant.

Electrical Maintenance

An electrically sound structure can give peace of mind to residential complexes and sound business to commercial establishments. Electrical maintenance by the experts makes the building perfect after solving the safety concerns.

       Preventive maintenance work involving LT panels, electrical distribution system, transformers, and switches gears.

       Testing and maintenance of electrical earthing and others.

       Maintain lighting in the common area and corridor with replacement of unfunctional electrical fittings.

       Operation and maintenance of generators used in the common area for power backup services.

       Checking and maintenance of escalators and lifts in the residential or commercial complex.

Civil And Masonry Work

The maintenance includes repairing and maintaining the structures of the residential and commercial property for avoiding further damage. It also enhances the appeal of the building. It includes the following:

       Maintaining the roads, parking areas, and pathways in the complex.

       Maintaining and repairing structures such as staircases, boundary walls, and other areas.

Horticulture And Landscaping

Harmony has specialists with training to keep the landscape healthy, maintain its attractiveness, ensure its safety, and keep it clean. It includes maintaining the park, garden, yard, or others in the commercial and residential complexes. The experts can oversee the following:

       Maintenance of greenery, parks, or plants.

       Ensure proper upkeep of the landscaping.

       New Plantation.

Other Services

Apart from the services mentioned above, the experts at Harmony can also handle other services such as:

       Maintenance of swimming pool

       Maintaining the gymnasium, clubhouse, or other recreational facilities

       Maintain water bodies or fountains on the property

Customer Advantage

Services offered by Harmony can keep the property well-maintained and hassle-free. You can live or conduct business peacefully with the services. Apart from that, customers can enjoy the following benefits:

       Reduction Of Equipment Breakdowns/Failures

With proper preventive maintenance, the property or the building face fewer instance of failure of essential equipment. Regular checking of major assets of the building guarantees that everything works fine without any cause of concern.

       Avoid Accidents

A properly maintained property has a low risk of accidents or other problems. The potential accident or incidents may reduce considerably that can help you feel safe when living or conducting business at the property.

       Boost In Property Value

A well-maintained property can retain the market value. So, when you wish to sell it in the future, you get the amount you expect from the sale. A neglected property has reduced value. It also detracts from the rental prices over time.

       Happy Customers

Customer satisfaction is significant in the real estate business. It is also essential when you rent the properties to other tenants. Happy tenants can continue renting from you and attract the attention of others looking for good property. It increases the value of the property.

Get in touch with Manglam Group to invest in commercial or residential property that ensures value for money.

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