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Making your home Pet friendly

Your life will be much enhanced by adding a pet to it. Their companionship and affection are unparalleled. You should make sure your home is completely pet-friendly before deciding to bring a furry buddy into your life. They should have the same opportunity you did to grow up in a secure and comfortable setting. It’s easy to overlook the potential dangers and difficulties posed by common household items to pets, but it’s important to remember that they do exist.

A lot of people used to be reluctant to adopt a pet because they felt it would require too many sacrifices for their current way of life, but those days are long gone. We at Manglam Anantara know how important it is to have convenient access to pet-friendly amenities, and that’s why we’ve made it a priority to include them in our design for Luxury villas in Jaipur, our premier property in Jaipur. But before you bring a pet into your home; be sure it is secure by following these guidelines:


Flooring should be simple to clean and maintain, therefore rugs or carpets should be avoided if you have pets. Instead, consider textured tiles or hardwood floors.

Keep fragile items safely locked away from pets

Pets have a propensity to nosing about the home, which makes keeping an eye on them difficult. Store perishable food, cleaning supplies, insect repellent, medication, and fragile goods on upper shelves out of their reach.

Don’t leave anything out in the open or lying about that might cause harm to a kid; for example, make sure all cupboard and toilet doors are locked, use tinted mirrors, and avoid leaving any loose wires lying around. You have no idea where they will go from here!

Give them Space

A pet, like any other human, needs time alone from time to time. Ensure that they have plenty of room to roam about your property. The availability of parks, open areas, and foliage in a pet-friendly community is also crucial to ensuring that your pet has enough exercise and socialization opportunities. You don’t have to worry about space in the 4 BHK luxury villas on Ajmer Road.

Every pet owner’s first goal is the safety, security, and health of their pet. With the space and amenities available in the 4 BHK luxury villas on Ajmer Road you and your pets can have the time of their lives.


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