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Journey of witnessing my son from being silent to becoming a chatter box

Journey of Witnessing My Son From Being Silent To Becoming A Chatter Box

I am a proud mother of a son who’s now turned into the society’s secret keeper, and more proud resident of Manglam Radiance. I had never seen my son communicating and mingling up with people of all age groups so effectively before we shifted to Mangalam Group’s Residence. He not only talks to kids of his age but is now up for sharing anything coming from anyone. He has become so welcoming that everyone is society loves him. And the credit of this all goes to Manglam Radiance for giving us such a comforting atmosphere where we not only feel home, but consider all the residents as members of our family.

My son is now able to invest his time productively while socializing with others, and enjoying swimming pool, spacious lawns, the learning hub, and play area etc.

Let’s see how we got on the roller-coaster of happiness and satisfaction after getting shifted to Manglam Radiance!

Before we were here, my life remained centered around my son only, and I wasn’t able to pick time for myself. But here, we experienced never-like-before warmth, not only from the place, but also from people of the society who’re extremely caring, and always willing to help.

Here, I saw my child grooming like never before, and he is now able to socialize and play all around without having me being worried for his whereabouts. Due to the security cameras, and friendly society keeping a watch on kids, and their play areas, parents at Manglam Radiance are blessed as they can focus better on other chores.

The indoor games sections, kids play area, outdoor water bodies landscaping, and badminton court are more than enough for kids to keep them occupied within the society compounds.

Due to all the amenities being within the society, this place is completely secured from the COVID-19 disruption, due to the minimized chances of getting infected. Also there is a mini theatre, which proved to be the greatest weapon during the COVID-19 outbreak. Due to schools being closed for long, it was getting difficult to make children stop from going out. So all the parents in the society decided to play animated or kids’ films on every Sunday in the mini theatre, and it actually worked. They remain entertained and wait for the upcoming Sundays.

This way, Manglam Group has proven to be a bliss for me, in my happy as well as sad times. it gave me a chance to live to fullest with my family.

I cherish every moment I spend here, because it remains filled with eternal love and care!

Ashwani Manglam

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