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Cool Your Villa In Jaipur For The Summer Heat

Summers are already here. The soaring temperature and scorching heat e makes it unbearable.

Considering Rajasthan’s summers, all we think of is the hot breezes and intensified sun rays. Keeping our home cool this time of the year is itself a task. However, following a few tips, we can easily keep our homes cooler.

Manglam Anantara offers 4 BHK luxury villas on Ajmer Road that are designed to offer a quality lifestyle to the residents. If you are ready to enjoy the cool breezes surrounded by lush greens, the villas in Jaipur are perfect for you this summer and all the upcoming ones of your life.

Some of the natural ways to create a budget-friendly summer paradise for yourself this summer are mentioned below.

Draw Away The Heat

Unwanted heat mainly enters our homes through windows. Using blinds and drapes considerably blocks the hot rays out. Keep the drapes shut from late mornings to early evenings. Use light-colored breathable white or pastel curtains like cotton. Use blinds made up of sheers, jute screens, or bamboo shades.

Keep The Humidity At Bay

Humidity is one of the fundamental parts of summers. They can easily make one irritated as they give sticky, sweaty, and overall an uncomfortable feeling. Using a dehumidifier can significantly reduce humidity in your home. Dehumidifiers also extract environmental hazards like dust, grime, and pet dander from any room and protect valuables that can be damaged by moisture.

Cool Down With Cool Hues

Summers are a great time to give your home a revamp. Paint the walls with cool light hues that reflect rays rather than absorb them. Also, pastel colours give a brighter look to the home. Give a fresh new look with cool hues to your 4 BHK luxury villa on Ajmer Road.

Allow Cross Ventilation

Cross ventilation can play a key role in cooling homes. Keeping the windows open strategically can significantly lower the temperature and make your home cooler and airy. During summers, temperatures drop during nights so keep the window of your villa on Ajmer Road open during nights to let the cool breeze in.

Use Summer Bed Sheets

When it comes to bed sheets during summers, use breathable, airy, and light-colored fabrics like linen and cotton. Stay away from satin, silk, or polyester as they can be very warm. They boost ventilation and airflow in the room. They can also be used to revive up a room with a refreshing change of sheets.

Get Some Greens In

Houseplants naturally make your home cool along with adding freshness and beauty to your villa on Ajmer Road. They cool and humidify the warm air flowing in. House plants have a high transpiration rate that humidifies and also removes toxins from the air.

These are a few natural ways you can keep your home cool this summer. Your search for a cool home, both according to style and feel ends at Manglam Anantara. The beautiful 4 BHK luxury villa on Ajmer Road is beautifully designed and constructed to deliver a life of quality to the residents.

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