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Manglam Aananda gym

Amenities in Manglam’s Aananda Phase 2 Mansarovar Extension Jaipur

Here are luxurious Amenities presented in Manglam’s Aananda Phase 2 at Mansarovar Extension Jaipur

All my life, I have been an extreme foodie which eventually led me to be equally unfit as well. I got married and my partner used to constantly motivate me to remain fit and reduce some weight, but my love for junk couldn’t get reduced. After a year, while going through the course of our lives, we decided to get shifted to Manglam’ Aananda and this new place didn’t just change our surroundings but our ways of being too. And, now am a proud and fit resident in here, who embraces health over anything. See how it happened!!

Before shifting here, I joined several gyms, and I used to be regular in the beginning days, but when it came about making it a routine, I struggled a lot. I couldn’t manage the ‘staying fit’ thing due to burden of work. I used to leave home early and come late, and to give that slight chunk of time to my family, I stopped giving importance to my health. But, in Manglams Aananda there is an in-house gym, i.e., full-facilitated. And the plus point is that it is near to my workplace too. I save a lot of time while traveling, and can workout anytime as per my routine. Here, our lives got centered to real-time networking rather than social media networking, and I am able to connect with society members while working out and give time to my family while having a walk together. This way, our new home gave me a winning toss over life and in about 6 months, I find myself comparatively fit and reduced significant weight as well.

Approx. 700 families live in here, and they all have become close to us. To maintain communicating and active aura here, society members keep on arranging health programs and marathons in order to stay fit together. This place has helped me a lot, when it comes to adapting to a habit to stay fit. I exercise, run, walk eat, and repeat, and its all for good.
And, if anytime, I avoid my routine, my neighbors come up with a competition in front of me like who walks 10kms first, or who does 20 pushups first. This way, we motivate each other, and the fitness spirit, not only keeps us fit, but also get transferred from one to another. This way, my new home has changed everything for good, and I am willing to embrace it for a lifetime.

Ashwani Manglam
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